N3 Mask 8 Pcs 3 Types

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It penetrates and adheres to the face of yours completely. Large cotton quality, the mask is extended by eight % Rich heart is completely absorbed into the skin and sheet mask is not easy to dry. Exclusive air penetration to allow the skin breathe comfortably. Verbena Brightening: Providing the skin with revitalizing eden like power. Allowing in fact and sparkling skin. Successfully reduces dullness, provides flawless brilliant tone skin. Tea Tree Purifying: Oil control, improve the oil state of the skin. Minute particles that allow easy absorption. Good hydration of the epidermis, keep good skin quality. Centella Renewing: Effectively moisturize the epidermis, improve the discomfort of dry skin. Prevent reggedness, soothes the soft touch of the epidermis. Moisturizes the epidermis, moisturizing qualities. How you can use: Peel off the sachet, unfold the mask. Apply thye mask tightly to the entire experience. Remove after 15 20 minutes. Lightly pat the remaining essence in skin.

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