Bicassa Head Serum 120Ml

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With a pleasant rejuvenating feeling and plenty of moisture, it results in flexible scalp full of elasticity and elasticity, clearing even clearly to the center. Blood circulation is urged by Head Massager. Realize the elegant Oriental beauty with well rounded scalp. Wannian plant three Activated complicated HD formulation (Goryong carrot extract, Touki extract, Yeonian extract, glycerin: moisturizing) Head lubricant extract formula (pepper extract, decyltetradecylamine oxide, hop extract, glycerin: moisturizing) How to use: Put it to use for fresh dry scalp and scalp following towel drying. Implement aproximatelly ten locations in the whole top thus the mouth of the container is used to the scalp. While making the scalp gently stretch like grasping with the finger. Be applied to the whole head. Let us slide the fingers' abdominal close to the back of the neck and the forehead from the hairline of the temple, so that the whole hair style is peeled off by hand.

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