Extra-Caring Moisturizing Baby Shampoo 250Ml 250Ml

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This product is developed from EcoCert certified white-colored willow bark extract and organic plant foaming cleanser with no irritating SLS, MIT and Paraben which can affect the infant skin. The tender no tears formula enables the mother to clean the baby locks with guarantee & simutanancely protect the baby s tender scalp as well. Mixed with natural Bergamot Essential Oil, it is able to soften the locks and enable the baby hair grows healthily and naturally. This product is also passed by International SGS Bacteria and Heavy Metal Content Testing, parents can be assured of long-term use by the baby. Made with Botanical Ingredients and food Grade. Paraben Free. SLES Free. Synthetic Fragrance Free. How you can use: Moisten infant's locks, use a suitable amount of shampoo on hand. Carefully massage scalp and locks, lather up, rinse with warm water completely. Pack Size - 250ml

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