Vitamin Story Max Multi Vitamin & Mineral For Mommy 800Mg X 90 Capsalues

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Benefits: Contains eleven varieties of essential vitamins (B1, Biotin, E, C, B2, etc.) within a capsule to provides adequate nutrients. Suppliers five varieties of essential minerals (Magnesium, Iron, etc.) uniquely for pregnant girls. NO USE of artificial preservatives and sugar and fragrances. The positives of some important vitamins: Vitamin B Complex aids improve energy levels, cholesterol production and stress hormones. Vitamin C will help body to take in Iron, enhance the immune system, wound healing. Vitamin E protects cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin D improves bone health and also helps body to take in Phosphorus and Calcium. The positives of essential minerals: blood is produced by Iron and also will help with red blood cells transportation. Zinc helps improve body's immune system and cell division. Copper together with iron, the body is enabled by it to form red blood cells and also protects cells from free radicals. Manganese helps the development of bones and improves energy level. Iodine promotes thyroid health and also improves energy level. Recommend for all the followings: Who's prepare for pregnancy & that are during pregnancy. Who doesn't absorb enough nutrients from everyday life. Who overworks and getting strain from taking care of children. Who really needs postpartum relief. Who wants to be in good condition. Direction: Take a capsule per day with water.

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