Obagic Powder Wash 30 Pcs

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Zein Obagi. While protecting the moisture, it's a face cleaner that eliminates firmly the darkening of the skin pores, blocking of square plugs, and roughness. Vitamin C formula. The texture is adjusted which leads to a smooth and smooth skin. Mixture of 2 enzymes. Rinse off of pore dirt and outdated horny matter, to skin with transparency. Also commitment to hydrating ingredients Hime Furo Extract, Ascofilm Nodsmus extract additionally included. Ascorbic acid (texture hydrating component). Proteolytic enzyme (protease: cleaning component), sebum digesting enzyme (lipase: washing component). How you can use: Take one dose (one capsule) of powdered in the palm of yours, wash well with a small quantity of lukewarm water or water. Then rinse completely.

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