E+Labo Pink Pearl Rich Delicate Mist 100Ml

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Complicated merchandise that is concerned about the troubles of VIO which no one is able to say, itching and smell. Keeping the delicate zone clean is an action inside VIO hair removal. The skin after depilation gets alkaline & sensitive. It's vulnerable to microbes and is prone to inflammation. Particularly in the delicate zone, germs are easy to propagate, so sterilization several times a day and anti inflammatory care are indispensable. Though it's a component which is easily pigmented, it is able to lead to white-colored skin which is susceptible to baldness by suppressing this because it darkens the skin and weakens the hair removal impact. Also for muscular, itching, smell and drying out during menstruation. This one is able to care for mankind. How you can use: Spray VIO (women's genital area) after toilet or when you're concerned.

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