Moltobene Moisturizing Treatment 240G

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Feeling lustrous to the idea of the hair. Treatment for the day you want to sleep. Shea butter's organic incises and hydrating ingredients. In oil and lupine oil formulation, keeping the scalp healthy, moisture to the idea of the locks, it gathers moistly. The nanoized royal jelly diet materials are highly penetrating, improving immediate sensibility. Ink with high hydrating effect. Engine oil, shea butter, lupine oil, blended with damask rose oil a great deal, to the bristle feathering hair to the idea of the hair. Inca inch oil is natural oil from Peru's Amazon seed purple nuts. Has a large amount of linoleic acid and linolenic acid and has a high hydrating effect. Lupine Oil is a plant inhabited in the area based on South America and cultivated from long ago. Has plentiful nutrients in seeds and possesses numerous vitamin and carotenoids E. How to Use: After shampoo, lightly hydrate and rinse after utilizing suitable amount to entire hair. Pack Size - 240g

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