Clear Moist Wash 105G

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Amino acid based face wash came into this world from white of an egg face wash. Focusing on anti aging, add the power of fermentation to the extravagant white of an egg extract and eggshell membrane extract, and hydrate the skin while floating dirt and unwanted keratin off. It leads to dusty egg epidermis which has a feeling of transparency with yellow clay which is gentle on dry vulnerable skin. In addition, the power of the stratum corneum care essence carefully selected from yogurt remedy, human ceramide, leaf barley extract, tea leaf extract, etc., makes the skin texture smooth and recovers the normal turnover every time it's washed. How to use: After wetting the face, shoot a suitable amount (aproximatelly 1.5 cm) in the palm of your foam and hand well with lukewarm water or water. Recommend using a bubbling web. Gently slide in a tiny group from the interior to the outside of the face. Clean so as to roll foam without touching the rind. Rinse away therefore as not to keep bubbles and wipe it with a clean towel.

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