Secret Lash #1 Deer 1Set

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#01 Deer is in brown and black color or 9mm long, use in daily and also performs naturally. It is like actual lashes, can provide an all natural performance like the original lashes of yours. The weight of its is lightweight as a feather & get lighter as well as lighter towards the end of it, less load for extended hours using. How you can use: 1.Use a tweezer to pick up the conclusion part of the product, cut it to the appropriate length to use(Also is able to cut it to 3 4 portion for using). 2.Bend the item to match the eye shape, have on the glue in the package and wait for it to dry a bit. 3.With help of the tweezer, adhere the eyelash from the center part of the eye and press the top and tail part of the eyes. 4.Use eyelash curler the squeeze and connect the real eyelash of yours and the artificial eyelash together, use mascara for finishing.

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