Mineral Face Wash 100G

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Cleaning foam which cleanses to the distinct skin of the slippery skin pores by the power of Okinawa ocean mud Kucha (ocean silt) as well as charcoal rich in all-natural minerals. Okinawa sea mud Kucha goes into deep into the skin pores and removes dirt and additional sebum powerfully adsorbed and removed together with charcoal. Moreover, Arch Chalk Leaf Extract, Neubara Fruit Extract, Mandarin Orange Peel Extract tightens the skin tightly and leads to a rejuvenating skin with firmness and transparency. It's also appealing you are able to quickly make flexible foaming facial dust bubbles. Mokomoko's bubbles become a cushion to prevent friction in time of face cleansing and gently dirty. The skin of the rinse does not have small feeling, moist enough to moisten the hands of yours on the cheeks of yours, it's rich. Non fragrance, paraben free, organic ingredients formulation. How you can use: Take a suitable amount (two to three cm) in the palm of the hand of yours, lather very well, then rinse the entire face wrapped with foam. Rinse with lukewarm water or water very carefully.

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