Overnight Whitening Gel Ex Oil Cut Refill 30G

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During the day, the skin of yours is subjected to pollution, stress and sun. At night, cellular renewal activities peak as the skin seeks to repair itself When there's improved blood flow to your skin throughout the sleep of yours. As a gel pack designed to be worn at night when the skin s absorptive functions are the best, ORBIS Overnight Whitening Gel EX is formulated with established ingredients that focus on minimising UV damage for moisturised sparkling skin the following morning! Phellodendron Bark Extract helps to block the transmission of UV harm while you snooze, particularly throughout the 6 to 9 hours after sun exposure. Sustainable Vitamin C Derivatives work to inhibit melanin production by controlling the activities of Tyrosinase, An enzyme which is responsible for pigmentation which appear on the skin of ours as dark spots. Replenish essential moisture lost during the day with Moisturising Bright Complex that delivers ample hydration To the epidermis at night when the moisture absorption of its is most active. This overnight pack even offers a wrapping effect when applied, closing the nutrients to the skin and boosting moisture retention rate. Oil-free Fragrance free Alcohol free Free of artificial colours Surfactant Free Mild acidity Allergy tested (formulated to minimise the risk of hypersensitivity) Pack Size - 30g

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