Kiladoll Chamomile Whitening Toner 500Ml

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Select aloe vera extract and natural trehalose, with low sensitive chamomile extract, high efficiency hydrating hyaluronic acid, oatmeal extract, and also the Department of Health's announcement of whitening ingredients - vitamin C magnesium phosphate and other high efficiency ingredients, that can be quickly replenished Skin moisture, promote skin activation, increase skin moisture content, enhance skin water shortage, carry on and focus whitening, comprehensively increase flat skin, flat skin tone. Without including alcohol, without adding pigments, it is able to provide a lot of hydrating and soothing effects, and help relieve the epidermis, through the actions of moisturizing > activation > lock water > concentrated teeth whitening > soothing and soothing the skin, allow the skin Restores a hydrated and refreshing state of health, and accomplishes the effects of whitening and hydrating, hydrating Q bombs, and other types of nuts. How to use: After cleaning, apply a good level of cotton to the skin. Use before applying makeup to enhance fit and makeup. Send on the spray bottle, spray it on the face of yours anytime, anywhere, keep the skin hydrated of yours and brilliant throughout the day.

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