Amino Moist Weakly Acidic Towel For Washing Body 1 Pc

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More dirt and grime and sebum can be washed clean while protecting moisture to the skin. Suppress friction to the skin as much as possible, it may be used even sensitive skin because it's smooth skin surface. Foaming is good, it's simple to dry out body towel. It's also recommended for washes of dirt which is difficult to lower with the palm alone, such as a component which doesn't attain by palm washing by itself or lotion based on petrolatum or ointment. Material: Polylactic acid hundred % Dimensions: width twenty two cm length ninety cm How to use: After wetting the entire body as well as towel with lukewarm water, apply a good level of washing to the towel and rub it to draw a circle and lather. Don't rub and scrub the body of yours with a towel. Right after cleaning the whole body, wash away from the foam with warm water (38 40 indication).

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